How To Configure Payment Gateways

white label payment gateway reseller

Plenty of business owners are allured by the idea of integrating payments into their software or apps. It makes a great opportunity for payment service providers to enter the game, handling online transactions safely for both parties and expanding the client base on national or international levels. A white-label payment gateway is a fully developed payment gateway solution that businesses can customise to their requirements and rebrand as their own. Overall, payment processing partnerships can be a valuable way for resellers to expand their service offerings, drive customer acquisition, and create new revenue streams. By leveraging partnerships, resellers can position themselves as a one-stop-shop for businesses in need of comprehensive payment processing solutions. Are you struggling to choose between white-label payment gateways and custom payment solutions for your business?

How to Start a Merchant Services Company?

Boxopay is a specialized payment solution focused specifically on e-commerce. By choosing Boxopay you get a ready-to-use white-label solution with all the necessary functionality and customization options. Instead of hundreds of ready integrations, Boxopay makes custom integrations with acquirers, processing centers, or even Visa and MasterCard directly, if you need it. Now let’s move on to the key factors you should pay attention to when choosing a white-label payment gateway. There are many different solutions on the market today and the factors listed below will help you choose the one that is right for you. The white-label payment gateway works under your brand, which can create reputational risks in case of unexpected issues.

Things to consider when choosing a white label payment gateway provider

white label payment gateway reseller

Our admin panel has been tested by dozens of years of satisfied acquirers. It is also great for those who create PSP and plan to scale in the future because our software allows you to transform from PSP to acquirer seamlessly and without any additional tools. This is a good solution if you want to run a PSP quickly and inexpensively, but the downside is that you will be dependent on the white-label payment gateway provider.

Online Credit Card Processing

  1. For example, it takes time and money to get PCI compliance validation and undergo yearly audits to reaffirm it.
  2. Dwolla is a white-label payment service that integrates your business with the Automated Clearing House network to send and receive ACH payments.
  3. If you need to add a rare function, choose a software vendor that provides the ability to customize the solution.
  4. Customer credit card information is verified by a payment gateway using eCommerce-specific technology.
  5. The main advantage of Boxopay is its very broad functionality for providers, including all the software needed by the financial and customer service department.

Most resellers are satisfied as long as they can put their names on the list of high-grade products. White labeling allows a business to use its payment methods without investing time and money into designing, testing, and distributing a new payment system from scratch. However, before realizing your eCommerce ambitions, you must first overcome a significant challenge. Customers may use a trusted and secure payment gateway to make their favorite online payment method.

Now, the commissions offered by different payment service providers differ. It’s paramount to work with a provider who can swiftly swoop in to address and rectify any hiccups during the transition phase. Remember, the integration of your white-label payment gateway should be a breeze, not a burden, making your e-commerce platform more efficient and user-friendly. The idea of developing your own payment gateway may seem appealing due to the total control and customization it offers. However, it’s not without challenges, including hefty time commitment, substantial resources, and profound technical expertise. Customer loyalty and employee benefits are of paramount importance to SME owners.

Payment gateway affiliate programs allow individuals or businesses to earn commissions by referring merchants to a payment gateway provider. Affiliate marketers promote the payment gateway services through various channels, such as websites, social media, and email marketing, and earn a commission for each successful referral. Embrace the opportunities in the payment gateway industry, and carve your path to success as a trusted provider of secure and seamless payment solutions. This level of control enables businesses to enhance the customer experience, increase brand loyalty, and generate additional revenue by offering their payment gateway services to other companies. In today’s digital age, accepting credit card payments has become an essential component of running a successful business.

This may be a plus for a while because you don’t have to acquire your own PCI DSS certificate, but over time, as the business grows, it will become a disadvantage. You won’t be able to control your data and the existence of your business will be completely dependent on the existence of the vendor’s business. This means that you will need your own infrastructure but you will have full control over the technology, the data, the features, and the security. Traditional banks usually use PSP services to reduce system load and channel financial flows. However, nothing prevents the bank from creating its own affiliated PSP, which will operate the white-label payment gateway. This will allow the bank to effectively service online payments without worrying about the security of working with a third-party company and saving on fees.

Providing payment processing services to merchants requires your gateway to comply with a range of standards. For example, it takes time and money to get PCI compliance validation and undergo yearly audits to reaffirm it. When you use a white label solution, you eliminate this burden, as it is the service provider’s responsibility. White-label payment gateway is software for automating Internet payments, increasing checkout conversion, and allowing merchants to accept debit and credit cards. In this case, we are talking about a customizable solution that has all the necessary functionality but doesn’t have any brand.

white label payment gateway reseller

Fortunately, there is an alternative in the form of buying a white-label payment gateway. In this article, we will explore what a white-label gateway is, who it can be useful for, and how to choose the best solution available on the market. The experienced team at BlueSnap develops and maintains a payment platform for businesses, provides technical support, and advises employees and clients on any issues related to the use of the platform. BlueSnap’s updated documentation and API libraries provide everything businesses need to quickly and easily integrate their customers’ online stores or mobile apps with their white label payment platform.

The firm’s recommendations and personalized assistance might make the service even better. An organization’s dependence on consumers increases by adding a supplementary solution to existing items that already delighted customers. Please do not panic; we have things under control to help you make an educated decision. With cost-cutting technology and an industry-shocking Schedule A, our ISOs are keeping more of what they deserve. Want to know more about the power of a white-label credit or debit card solution? Major organisations operating with thousands of employees need an effective and complete method for managing worker-initiated expenses.

Asking about the customizability of these features will help you know beforehand if the payment gateway provider offers the level of control you’re looking for. Ease and agility are the hallmarks of white-label payment gateway integration. Majority of providers typically offer API-based integrations, a language your website understands, allowing seamless communication between the two. Robust white-label payment solutions enable the instant provision of cards, the management of spending in real-time, and offer scalability as your business grows from strength to strength. It allows you to focus on your business, not on optimising points, back-end processes or technological limits. White-label credit card programmes remove the hassle and legwork of creating a bespoke payments system for firms that would otherwise move outside of regular financial services networks.

It takes quite a lot of time, and each connection requires constant maintenance and updating. On the contrary, by choosing a white label solution, you’ll have a bunch of ready-made integrations to connect and offer to your merchants at the very start. Multifunctional white-label payment gateway designed specifically for e-Commerce acquirers and PSPs. The platform offers a wide list of features for online payment automation.

Payment orchestration platform offering, among other things, a white-label payment gateway. This is a white-label payment orchestrator distributed on the SaaS model. The company offers a functional solution with fraud protection, a billing system, and an analytical module. For example, there are gateways that are complex and cover several different products. There are omnichannel gateways that cover several niches or provide functionality for both e-commerce and in-store POS acquiring.

Get a fully functional Forex trading system for 14 days straight, no credit card is required. 87% of consumers leave their shopping carts owing to a complex, time-consuming, or stressful checkout experience. To keep and get new consumers, you must provide a quick, frictionless, and superior checkout experience for them.


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